Easy Exercise Tips

Low-impact exercises, like walking, cycling, swimming or using an elliptical machine is a must and is a smart choices for patients with osteoarthritis.

Benefits of Exercise for Osteoarthritis

Research shows that people with osteoarthritis can and should exercise. In fact, exercise is considered one of the most effective, non-drug treatment for reducing pain and improving movement.

People with osteoarthritis should exercise


Even though walking doesn’t seem like sport it comes with a host of benefits. Major plus is that it improves circulation and It lowers the risk of fractures by stopping or slowing down the loss of bone mass, but most importantly tones muscles that support joints.

Improves blood circulation

Aquatic exercises

Particularly helpful for people who are overweight. The water’s lightness helps relieve the pressure of your body’s weight on the joints, particularly hips and knees, while providing resistance for your muscles to get stronger.

Builds stronger muscles


Exercises include gentle stretching and movements that have full span, but before that you should consult your therapist for the best 3 to 5 for your affected joints.

Maintains and improves flexibility

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